Healthy Simplicity - Starting Seedlings

Starting Seedlings

Today I have a guest writer – my 15-year-old niece. I know if Emilie and I were neighbours we’d get along fine. She loves animals and gardening. A while ago her family lived on some property where she was able to have ducks and geese. It was fun to see all the pictures. Now my sister and her family are […]

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Healthy Simplicity - Library Time

Library Time 60

I read an interesting book this week set in the early 1800’s American South on a slave plantation. In The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom an orphan Irish girl is taken on as an indentured servant. She belongs neither to the world of the slaves or to the world of the white masters. Somehow she grows up to join the […]

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Healthy Simplicity - Friday File

Friday File 20

We’re getting ready to go camping this summer. It’s a bit early for the planning, but I have to admit that we made a mistake. We used to go camping fairly regularly about ten years ago. Then for some mysterious reason we stopped, and now we’re starting up again. That’s when we realized our mistake. We should have never stopped […]

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