1. Joy Daggett

    Wow! definitely a lot of strength and commitment. Good for you for sticking to something that meant so much and not giving up at the first difficulty. No one would have blamed you had you done it. Very inspiring!

  2. Nursing is hard but so worth it. My first son I only nursed for 6 weeks and regretted it every day that I quit so with my second one I nursed him for 8 months. Now my youngest is 18 months and he is STILL nursing. He has a milk allergy and refuses goat, almond or coconut milk. The doctors recommend I nurse him until he is 2 so he gets the fat he needs for brain development. The days in a life of a mom! Congrats to you for nursing for 8 months! I hardly ever hear of anyone who nurses twins that long.
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    • JenSchon

      I am so proud of my sister-in-law. She did an awesome job nursing her twins for eight months. I’m currently nursing my eighth baby he is two and still going strong. I love being able to bond with my toddler this way.

  3. After nursing my first two children easily till one I was surprised after having twins how much harder it was nursings two. It was hard to take in enough calories and fluid and I was always worried whoever nursed second wasn’t getting enough. I made it to about six months before I started supplementing I think your right that things don’t always go as planned you just need to do whats best for your family and find contentment with it. Nursing both at the same time didn’t work for me either my boys would always touch each other which would lead them to jerk their heads back which was so uncomfortable!

    • JenSchon

      I think if I ever had twins I’d worry too about whether they were getting enough. I think you did great to nurse them as long as you did.

  4. Oh, yes, those sleepless nights. I wasn’t worried about nursing beforehand because I had already nursed two successfully, and it turned out to be a whole other ball game. So many tears! How nice to have 9 months parental leave!! If it wasn’t for figuring out how to wrap both of them, I’m not quite sure how I would have gotten through it. Great job pumping all those months!

  5. I have long wondered how moms of twins breastfed since I only had singletons. Thanks for the insight. Pumping full time would be hard (I pumped while I was a working mom – not super fun) but having a feeding partner would be nice. Some nights, most often with our first, I’d ask my husband to wake up with me and just sit with me while I fed our baby. He didn’t like missing out on the sleep but he had a much happier wife!
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