1. Oh my Jennifer what wonderful children! I have 11 yr, 6 yr, 4 yr & 2.5 yr girls and they are totally reliant on me to do everything! I wouldn’t dream of trusting them in the kitchen with the meals etc – even though they are probably totally capable and would be so happy and proud of their achievements for me. I need to re-think my strategy 🙁

    • Like I said, Lisa, it’s not easy because you just want to jump in and do it. It takes at least three times as long in the kitchen when you’re teaching them, but once they learn it is such a huge help. You will not regret it and they love doing it.

  2. Joy Daggett

    I know I really need to do more of this. I’m so OCD that I’m afraid to let them help out and Amy begs all the time…she really wants to learn to cook. I HAVE to let her. I’m trying to more and more, so thanks for this!

    • I know how hard it is because sometimes I just have to grit my teeth and agree to let them help. But times like the above or when I had to rest in my pregnancy with Jonah make it so worth it. We would not have had homemade bread for months if Ezra and Elisabeth had not learned because I simply could not make it in my last trimester.

  3. Julie Geoffrion

    K, this made me all emotional because you DID accomplish a lot as a “manager” on this day! And your kids were a HUGE help without taking much of their time!! They will be thankful, one day, of all the training they are being given!!!
    We have trained ours (as you know haha) and I’m so glad that they help out as much as they do. Even when I’m home again full-time, I plan on using their abilities 🙂 so that I can do the things that they might not be able to do. I HAVE learned one thing at Joann’s – management isn’t always easy and you DO need to learn to delegate!!!! Love you, sis!

    • Delegating can be so hard when you know you can do the job twice as fast and four times as well as your child. That’s why I try to use vacation times for lots of learning in the kitchen. I have more time then so it’s easier for me to say yes when they want to help.

  4. I just had to say that the picture of your two with their loaves of bread made me smile… One of reasons is your daughter’s shirt. My girl has that same shirt and she just loves it! It’s getting small on her but she’s just not willing to give it up quite yet. “Smile Every Day”… Yep, that’s my girl’s motto.

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