1. Joy Daggett

    I need more of these for Teddy and Lizzy. Teddy likes them too and I need to get Lizzy introduced to puzzles. But every time I see the pictures of that boy I just want to squish him and kiss him up!!! (which I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate! lol

  2. He would just tolerate it at best. He’d be looking for Teddy. I’ll agree with you – he’s utterly kissable. I’m sure your dollar store has wooden puzzles. A while ago ours even had some that you coloured the picture first that they had printed on it.

  3. Julie Geoffrion

    I love puzzles, too – and now Stef is too big for the wooden ones – I’ll have to upgrade and get her some 100+ puzzles to do with me this winter 🙂
    …and yes, Ethan’s smile made me SMILE – his shirt, too – looks like he is growing out of it 🙂

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