1. I actually had a dream last night that I had a little baby to nurse once more. My youngest is 8 and I see no babies to nurse in my future, but it was a sweet dream that brought up many sweet memories for me. Now I comfort my kids through prayers, warmed up “magic bags,” cuddles, and by reading to them.

    • Although it can be tiring, I’m not looking forward to these nursing days being over. Reading is a great comfort measure. My toddler calms down for books.

  2. julie Geoffrion

    No other joy and benefits are better than nursing. So glad I nursed my oldest til a year and then I grew up and matured and nursed the next three til 2. By Stef, I let herdecide and I was so glad she decided to nurse til she was 3. I loved it-she loved it and the bond we share today is amazing.

    • Same with me and my first – she was nursed the shortest length of time. My longest has been 28 months. I don’t regret any of it.

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