1. Julie Geoffrion

    Nice job on the sewing projects, Jen. Love the cover for the sewing machine and ummmm….might be needing that overall pattern in the near future 🙂 So cute!
    I can’t say I’ve been doing things to simplify my life other than our to-do list is now on my tablet and I had to set it only once – super easy and love the app.
    Other than that – it is just a little bit of organizing each day and it goes a long way. My best time of day is late afternoon so a good time to get things done!

  2. I love the covers! That would be great for different cords. What a clever idea!

    To simplify, we have chore day every so often here. It’s working so well. The kids have to clean their rooms and then they have to choose at least two more chores from the list. They can choose as they finish the previous chore, so there is quite the motivation to do the job well and have it approved by Mom (me) so they can move on to the next job. Most recently, there was even a $0.50 incentive for anyone who wanted to do an extra chore. It worked great and we cleaned and tidied the entire house in about two hours.

    • Thanks, Renee. I think we’re finally all better. We were able to visit family this weekend. It felt so good to get everyone out of the house.

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