1. Julie Geoffrion

    Good article of a super cute – super healthy baby. Makes my blood boil that some doctors would think that there is a “magic” age when you must stop nursing or they aren’t getting the nourishment they need. Jonah should be a poster child for nursing full-time :). My babies nursed so well and so long. Stef was 3 when she finally gave it up and we are blessed today to have healthy children who have no food allergies! Praise God!

    • Julie Geoffrion

      Well to be honest, we only stopped nursing because Stef gave it up 🙁 Not sure how much longer I would have nursed her but I certainly enjoyed the closeness with her. We are still super close today (she is 6) and we cuddle and hug and just enjoy being with each other 🙂 Nursing is the bestest thing in the world 😉

    • I don’t think anyone seeing Jonah would think there is anything amiss with his diet. 🙂 Sometimes you do just have to trust your instincts as a mother.

  2. Oh goodness – he is clearly healthy and happy. Doctors definately do not know best… you really have to go with your intuition and use the best of self care and medicine to stay healthy. Hope all is getting well with you & yours…

    • We are getting well, Renee, thank you. It’s been a long month, but it sure is making me appreciate my health more now that I have it back.

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