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  1. Julie Geoffrion

    The artwork is great – always nice to see how creative the kids get.
    K, WOW WOW – the pic of Hugo is Micah!!!!!
    He’ll have a blast with his birthday and enjoy any and all things you do – so don’t overdue it ;). You’re just getting back on your feet.
    Confession – I’m going to calorie count this coming week – want to race? 🙂 Just Kidding. In “dieting” one must find what works for you (Dad sure did, eh!) and Pierre and I love our organic bread and fresh produce so we are doing our best to go fresh and whole. I DO lose weight best when I calorie count and walk, walk, walk. This week the weather is high 50s here so I MUST take advantage 🙂 Have a good one!

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