At the beginning of the year I heard a lot of people talking about their “word” for the year. I didn’t think too much of it. We had a rough start to our year with a lot of sickness. Then in February one of the bloggers I read offered a book she had written about having a personal retreat – a time to think through one’s goals and how they could be accomplished.
The first thing she suggested was thinking about a word that could define your life for the next year or so. Almost immediately I thought of the word “intentional”. I really feel like for a while I’ve been drifting and letting life happen rather than making it happen. Yes, my children were all fed, the laundry was being maintained, our house was more or less tidy. But I feel like there is so much more that could be done.
Along with the word came a verse. It’s funny how the Lord will pop something into your head in a moment of time.

I plan on putting this word and verse up together – framed – on my kitchen wall where I can be reminded often of what I would like to see in my life. I didn’t think finding my “word” was that important, but I’m so happy I did the exercise. It has given me more direction, and helped me to think about my actions. I don’t want to drift through life. I want to accomplish something.

I challenge you to find a few quiet moments today and think about a word that you would like to define your life by for the next twelve months.



Jennifer Schonhaar

Jennifer Schonhaar

Jennifer is the happily married wife of a pastor and the somewhat-tired-but-oh-so happy mum to eight beautiful children. She loves to try new healthy recipes, sew, read to her children, garden and play the piano.
Jennifer Schonhaar

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  1. I love that verse, and you’re right, it goes right alongside the word “Intentional.”

    I saw other friends choosing words for the year, but I skipped it. However… Intentional has been a word I use a lot since I’ve started dialoguing with others about homeschooling. Before we started homeschool, we were loved to learn together when we could, but now we are so much more intentional about our learning. And it goes beyond school, into life. I’m so glad you found this word and verse and shared it. It is very encouraging to me!

  2. Julie Geoffrion

    Good blog – I have taken to a family/personal verse and this is it:
    Is. 32:17 – “And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.”
    I strive to have this work in our house :). I love this verse!

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