Camping Bugs

Camping Bugs

A couple of weeks ago we were going to take a camping trip as a family. We haven’t been on one as an entire family in ten years. I actually had never been camping until after I was married. I was a bit skeptical when my husband proposed it. We had two children – one not quite three and the other thirteen months. Kind of like being thrown into the deep end to learn how to swim. What I didn’t expect was that I fell in love with camping. We went camping quite a few more times after that, but then life happened and now it’s been ten years since we last went. My husband has gone for one to two nights with various children. As a family though it’s been too long.

Camping Bugs

So we were going to go camping.  The only problem though is that it turned out to be rainy so we cancelled. My husband unexpectedly had this week off so we decided to try again and go camping for a couple of nights but. the. BUGS. Let me just say that we have never seen bugs so bad. We had commercial bug spray and essential oils – a blend specifically for repelling insects. We wore mosquito nets, had long sleeves, socks and shoes, etc. We still ended up being eaten alive. We all have multiple bites some worse than others. The baby doesn’t seem to mind his bites, but he just cried and cried because of being surrounded by bugs. It was so disappointing. I was so looking forward to getting back to camping.

Camping Bugs

Speaking of the baby, I ended up using our main tent as a giant playroom for him. We have a huge ten-man tent that is so high my 6′ 7″ husband can stand up straight in the main part. We let down all the screens so the walls were just basically windows. We always kept someone in there with him to play with him, but he still got tired of it. I figured though it was better if he was a little sad every once in a while as opposed to being bitten. He cried when I put the essential oil on him and refused to wear a mosquito net. Overall though I believe he enjoyed himself. I know he slept the best. He took advantage of the situation to nurse off and on all night. ~sigh~

Camping Bugs


Camping Bugs

So we cut our camping trip short and broke camp after a quick breakfast this morning. It was sad but none of us could handle the bugs any longer. Otherwise it was just as good as I remembered. Beautiful scenery, my husband cooking all the meals, a campfire and roasting marshmallows (worth braving the bugs for), children running freely around, going without technology (I was surprised how little I missed it), not worrying about dirty clothes, reading a novel with no guilt (because there was nothing else to do). I’m looking forward to doing it all again but later when my husband assures me the bugs are gone. ☺

On the way home we discussed what we did right (having plenty of water), what we did wrong (waiting too long to set up the tent so the baby was beyond tired for his nap) and the things we need to bring next time to make our life better (more marshmallows – just sayin’).

What are your best bug repelling and/or camping tips?

Jennifer Schonhaar

Jennifer Schonhaar

Jennifer is the happily married wife of a pastor and the somewhat-tired-but-oh-so happy mum to eight beautiful children. She loves to try new healthy recipes, sew, read to her children, garden and play the piano.
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  1. Julie

    Best tip – get a hotel room LOL
    I would like to camp – but I’m thinking that some of my family would protest…case in point – Tim just yelled from his room that there is a giant fly on him LOL.
    Hope you can get back out there – if not – you might have to rent a cabin like you’ve done with Dad and Mom 😉

    • JenSchon

      I know that’s what Eva-Joy would like, but you can’t have a campfire with a hotel room. I’m thinking the management might not appreciate it, and you just can’t beat roasted marshmallows for fun. 🙂

      • Julie

        I should have commented quicker and said, you CAN have smores in a hotel room with a microwave LOL – that is what my kids have been doing this week ;).
        I’ve been NOT thinking about the fact that there are smores in the house – staying good!

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