• Julie

      Stef loves anything I make for her and the girls tolerate them haha 😉 No, they have their styles so I try to work with them :).

      Thanks Joy – for reading it – and thanks Jen for fixing the pictures – we’ll know now what to do for next time :).

      Joy, the next one is for you 😉 I’ll teach you how to make Emilie’s fav skirt! You’ll look good in it 😉

  1. Cara

    Did you make the green jumper that the middle girl is wearing too? I love the look of that one as well as the tiered one. I CANT wait till I get my sewing machine!! I have two girls that will absolutely LOVE these ideas! Thank you for posting different patterns.

    • Julie

      I did make the middle girl’s jumper and my other daughter’s skirt (which is a tiered). I have pics on the jumper so I can do a blog on that jumper….easiest thing in the world for me. I make them quite often for this daughter in particular because they suit her well (body-shape wise). I’ll get going on writing the steps out so my sister can post it in her blog :).
      Addicted to sewing,

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