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My sister, Joy, sent me another post about how to be fashionable and modest at the same time. This time it’s all about our daughters.

Healthy Simplicity - Fashionably ModestSo summer is finally here and with it comes the challenge for not only us ladies to dress modestly, but also our little girls.  Many people say, “Oh they’re just little, they don’t have anything to “show off” yet!” and while I agree that this is technically true there are two very important reasons why I am already teaching my girls to be modest.

First of all, what you learn as a child will stick with you forever.  It will be so much easier for them to dress in a way that pleases the Lord when they’re grown up if they’ve grown up doing it all their lives.  The other reason is quite dark and sadly, very sinister.

In this day and age, there is an overabundance of perverts who prey on little girls.  When I see some of these little ones, even as young as three and four years old dressed in tummy revealing tank tops and booty shorts I often wonder if the mothers even realize that they are making them a clear target for pedophiles.  What they see as a “cute” adaptation of their own outfits, these perverted people see as a target for their evil.  So another way of protecting my daughters is to dress them in a way that does not call attention to their bodies and still keeps them cool and allows for freedom of movement as every young girl needs.

It can be very difficult to find skirts (or culottes if you use them) for your daughters.  Fortunately I have two advantages.  First I learned many years ago how to sew…thanks Mom!  Secondly I have a friend who lives close by who makes great culottes for little girls at very reasonable prices ($10 for a denim pair).

Healthy Simplicity - Modest Girls' Fashions

If you are thinking, “But I don’t have either of those things available!” then let me encourage you.  There are other options at your disposal.

If you have a daughter who likes to be very active, run and play, and you don’t know how to sew or know someone who can, you can always use a full skirt with a pair of bicycle shorts underneath to ensure that when she does all that running, jumping and climbing then her “unmentionables” are not showing to the world.

Healthy Simplicity - Modest Girls' Fashions

I have a seven year old daughter who has yet to learn that you don’t have to throw your legs around, and especially not over your head, every time you sit down. *sigh* My maternal grandfather grew up on a Montana cattle ranch and was one of 13 children including two sisters.  The girls did everything their brothers did without ever wearing pants so it is possible!

It is also very easy to learn how to sew a simple skirt even if all you have is a needle and thread.  One of my favorite and fast skirts to make for the girls is what I call a tube skirt.  Very simply put, I take my daughters measurements from hip to hip, double it and add six to eight inches depending on how full I want the skirt to be.  Then I take the length from their waist to how long I want it to be (knee, calf, floor length) and add at least four inches to that to allow for a hem and the casing for elastic. If you cut it on the fold, then you only have to sew one seam straight up the side to make a “tube”.  Then you can turn up the bottom twice for a simple hem and do the same at the top to make a casing for your elastic….and voila! A skirt. (3)

Healthy Simplicity - Modest Girls' Fashions

Another great resource for girls skirts is the second hand store.  But maybe not in the section you’d expect to look.  I have found that ladies tube dresses, you know, the ones with the elastic on top that’s supposed to stay up on its own, make excellent skirts for little girls.  Since my seven year old is so skinny I sometimes have to take a couple of stitches on the sides to make them a bit more snug.   But it’s a simple and easy way to find some cheap play clothes.

Healthy Simplicity - Modest Girls' Fashions

Healthy Simplicity - Modest Girls' Fashions

A lot of little girls’ dressy clothes are usually made sleeveless with only little straps to hold them up.   Sometimes we’ll use a white t shirt or tank top underneath but I have found that a light sweater or shrug works even better.  (I have some of these for myself as well!)

Healthy Simplicity - Modest Girls' Fashions

And last but not least, for those times when a sprinkler, some water balloons, a pool or lake time is happening, I have found even a solution for that.  One of the good things about this generation being so health conscious is that there are many children’s swim shirts available so that they don’t get too much sun.  This is my first year to sew something for the girls and it was incredibly easy.  I bought two ladies workout tops in XL and simply cut off the straps.  The materiel used in workout wear is almost identical to swimsuit material.  Then I sewed it to the girls’ bathing suit bottoms and there it was…easy and fun!

Healthy Simplicity - Modest Girls' Fashions

So many times when it comes to finding the best thing to wear that pleases God; it just involves a little creative thinking.  I apply the same fashion sense I use myself to what my girls are wearing.  I look around at what is “hot” for the season and then simply modify it in a way that is fun, fashionable and age appropriate.  There are some little girls’ fashions that

we avoid simply because I object to dressing my 9 year old like a teen hooker, but that’s another story.  So enjoy the warm weather and remember, what they learn today, they’ll use forever.

What’s your favourite way to keep your daughter fashionable and modest?

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  1. Julie

    Good article and all good ideas. We have found that leggings under Stef’s skirts help a lot and we have started dressing the girls in skirts to their lower calves and ankles as ways of staying modest. No slits – that is another thing Pierre HATES – he has done research on when slits came into being and why – it wasn’t for a/c in the skirts LOL.
    We also have found that they tend to sit and dress more modestly when they are wearing “skirts” all the time so they have only nightgowns for their bedroom wear.
    It starts at the youngest of ages and it just takes constant teaching :). I love that I have a husband who is NOT “checked out” and keeps a constant watch on all of us. Such a blessing!

  2. Joy

    it is a blessing to have an involved husband. Edward has no problem voicing his opinion about either what I or the girls are wearing and if he doesn’t like it, then we don’t wear it. 🙂

    • Julie

      that’s good Joy – encourage him in that. Pierre gets tired of seeing “checked out” husbands who let their wives wear whatever even to church. We had that Sunday with a couple that sang and she mineaswell have had a tank top on with all we saw – truly upsetting :(. I get SO TIRED of having to see my boys “suffer” with all this in a place where we are supposed to go as a haven (the church).

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