1. Julie

    We actually have had some great trips to the library this week. Gucci is reading a book about a girl named Eva who was Polish (I believe) and while the rest of her family was put in concentration camps during WWII, she was sent to live with a German family to be “indoctrinated” (she had blonde hair/blue eyes). I’ve been getting the play by play from her. Of course, Tim is still all about “Garfield” and Stef has been listening to her MP3 book, Saving Zasha as well as looking at a book about robins. Forget Em’s but I’m reading a Civil War series right now by Lynn Austin that is good and Jon WAS reading all the Paddington books (yep a 17 year old that still likes him haha) and now is on to Jurassic Park cartoons….

    • JenSchon

      Those sound really good. What is the name of Gucci’s book? I know we would enjoy that. We like Paddington too.

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