1. Julie Geoffrion

    I never got the hang of carriers but probably could have used them for Jon – he was my chunk. Emilie and Stef were like peanuts so easy to carry around :). I don’t really remember what I did for Gucci and Tim but I think we made use of umbrella strollers. I really didn’t leave my home much so I just held them A LOT :).
    Holding babies does not spoil them!

    • JenSchon

      I agree about holding babies – just hold and cuddle and love them. All of my babies (except Ethan) have been chunky. I needed help. 🙂 And Ethan wasn’t heavy. It was just that he wanted to be held every waking moment. I’m glad my older children enjoyed holding him as well.

    • My mother-in-law always made the analogy that fruit spoils when you set it on a shelf and just leave it alone. A baby won’t be spoiled by your attention. Children act spoiled when they need your attention.

  2. My aunt made a mai tei carrier for me (and later another one for my husband), and it is my favorite carrier. It is so versatile; I can carry babies and toddlers, and they can ride on my hip or front or back. I can even carry two with the two carriers if I need to. I’ve never learned to comfortable use a sling or any other carrier.
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