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This has been a fairly quiet week. Monday my husband took our two oldest boys on a hike. They drove for a couple of hours and then hiked. The boys aren’t always crazy about this, but we believe it’s important to get out of the city and into nature. I always find myself feeling so much better when I do. Someday when all of our littles our big enough to handle hiking on their own, we’ll be able to do this as a family more often – I’m looking forward to that.

The baby popped out with two new words this week – “waw” for dog (he’s admitting a dog’s bark) and “bir” for bird. He likes to go outside for a little walk with his daddy and look for dogs and birds. He’s getting so big and looking more and more like a toddler/little guy. I should try to get a picture of him and his next older brother standing together. There is only three pounds difference between them. Ethan was my smallest baby (8 1/2 pounds – I know that’s not small but for our family it is) and Jonah was my biggest (10 pounds). Jonah is rapidly closing the gap.

School is just about finished for the year. It is so exciting. Two of my girls are completely finished and the other one is so close. My boys will hopefully be finished by the end of next week. I’ve been putting curriculum back on the shelves and looking at what we will do next year. I can hardly believe that next year my oldest will be in her final year of high school. It seems like only yesterday I could hardly wait for her to get old enough for me to do school with her. Where does the time go?

Speaking of Eva-Joy, she did a guest post this week on a blog about homeschooling and girls. She was asked to write on the topic of how homeschooling has helped her writing skills. You can read her post here. I’m enjoying watching each of our children develop their unique talents as they get older. Eva-Joy certainly has a talent for writing. I love to read what she writes and not just because I’m her mom. In case you forgot, she won a short story writing contest at our library. You can read her story in this post that I wrote about it.

On Saturday we had our annual Bible conference at our church. Since everyone’s all dressed up I always try to get some pictures. Not always easy (or appreciated), but here we are this year.

Healthy Simplicity - family

I also asked for some individual ones with my children…

Healthy Simplicity - family

my oldest – Eva-Joy

Healthy Simplicity - family

my girly-girls – Elisabeth and Rebekah

Healthy Simplicity - family

Boys aren’t all sweetness and light like girls – just sayin’.

but I wouldn't trade my boys - these are our "Three Musketeers" - Micah, Ethan and Jonah

but I wouldn’t trade my boys – these are our “Three Musketeers” – Micah, Ethan and Jonah

I'm discovering how camera shy teenage boys can be. Here are Noah and Ezra wishing they were somewhere else.

I’m discovering how camera shy teenage boys can be. Here are Noah and Ezra wishing they were somewhere else.

How was your week?

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Jennifer Schonhaar

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  1. Julie

    ahhh – great pics! You all look so good.
    Glad your school is winding down – although we are finished in one month I order next years! Hard to believe!!

    • JenSchon

      We have about 80% of our books for next year. The children are always so eager to flip through them and see what they’ll be learning the next year. 🙂

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