A Day in Our Life

 I’ve been reading quite a few day-in-the-life posts lately. Mostly from this blog. I thought it would be fun to do one on here.

So this is how life went for our family on Tuesday, September 23, 2014. ☺

3:45 – My day didn’t actually start this early, but I did get a wake-up request to nurse the baby. Next week we’re going to start night weaning him so he’ll sleep through the night. We started this once, and he got sick. I couldn’t not nurse him while he was sick so I stopped the night weaning, but next week we’ll start again.

5:50 – My husband wakes me up with a kiss – so much better than an alarm clock. I get up to make breakfast for him while he showers. I have it down to a science so once I get things rolling along I have time to read my Bible before he comes down to eat.

6:20 – The baby wakes up early so no “me time” when my husband leaves. Some mornings go that way.

6:25 – Sit with my husband while he eats his breakfast.

6:40 My husband is gone so I wake my children up. They will watch the baby and make breakfast while I shower. The joys of older children. If you have all little ones right now, hang in there. Life gets easier, especially if you teach them life skills like cooking.


This one has a hard time waking up.

7:30 – Breakfast time. Half way through breakfast the baby gets down from his seat to ask to nurse. Sigh. He’s still not very interested in solid food.

8:00 – Breakfast is  over so I spend a few moments on my blog while the children clean up. Again, the benefits of training your children. They take turns at cleaning the kitchen. I also dress the two little boys.

8:30 – Time to start our school day. We start by praying around in a circle and reading a chapter from Proverbs. I nurse the baby during this time. It helps to keep him happy for a while when we start our work. We do twenty minutes of copywork. Then it’s time to start on the day’s assignments.

Reading while we do copywork - It keeps him quiet.

Reading while we do copywork – It keeps him quiet.

9:35 – I remember I want to make egg salad for lunch so I put a dozen eggs on to boil. I should have set the timer because I forgot them until they boiled dry. Oh well, they still tasted good.

working on a history project

working on a history project

10:28 – The baby wants to nurse again so I announce a break. After nursing him I take a few minutes to do an exercise video from Fit2be. I love this website for exercise videos.

10:47 – Back to school

Healthy Simplicity - A Day in Our Life

keeping each other happy with their favourite book

11:08 – I “need” some fudge. Thankfully I keep a supply of homemade-good-for-you fudge.

11:55 – School is over except for a few assignments some of the older children will finish on their own later.

happy to play with their big brother for a few minutes

happy to play with their big brother for a few minutes

12:10 – Lunch time and then I spend an hour or so on the computer – social media, a game or two, emails.

1:20 – My husband calls. When we finish talking it’s time for the baby to nap and everyone else to do something quiet. I take a short nap after reading for a while. The older children take turns watching my three-year-old so he stays occupied and quiet during nap time.

2:30 – Work on my blog some more while the children play/tidy up/practice the piano

3:50 – Everyone’s hungry so I decide to make popcorn for us to munch on while we watch “Cupcake Wars” on YouTube. In the middle of watching my preschooler breaks a bowl while trying to get more popcorn for himself. Everything stops while I clean it up. The baby always assumes when I’m sitting down it’s so he can nurse. He nurses at least once but usually twice during this forty minute show. When we’re finished watching I start supper and the younger children all go outside. Someone takes a glass out (against the rules) and it gets broken. Seriously, two breaks in one day?

5:35 – Everything is bubbling along for supper so I decide to do a few minutes of “school” with my preschooler. We do a few minutes here and there together throughout the day. It works best for his short attention span. After about ten minutes we’re finished so I go upstairs to freshen up. I like to look nice for my husband when he gets home.

reviewing what big "A's" and little "a's" look like

reviewing what big “A’s” and little “a’s” look like

6:00 – Daddy is home and supper is on. Just before we sit down to eat, I remember something I need to print for school so I get it going. After supper it’s time for family devotions. This is another time that my baby always asks to nurse – again, I’m sitting. ☺Then my husband and I are off to the mall to pick up a photo order and do a little shopping. The mall is close enough that we can walk there which is nice for some extra exercise. My husband is 6′ 7″ so he has a long stride, and I have to move to keep up with him. He has learned to slow down a little over the years we’ve been married.

Who I see across the table from me every meal. Makes my meal sweeter.

Who I see across the table from me every meal. Makes my meal sweeter.

7:30 – We’re home. I tape some paper to the door going to our basement so my husband can do his yearly tradition of drawing a tree. We then add leaves to it every day until Thanksgiving. On the leaves we write things we are thankful for. Every year the children give suggestions of things to add to the tree. My three year old asks for an alligator. I think it’s because we were talking about alligators earlier while discussing things that start with “a”.

drawing the tree

drawing the tree


offering "helpful" suggestions

offering “helpful” suggestions


Even the baby wants to help.

Even the baby wants to help.

7:50 – Time to start getting my littles ready to bed. First, the preschooler. Then the baby.

8:20 – The house is settling into the quieter night time routine. In half an hour my six and eight year olds will go to bed. An hour later the rest of us will. It’s a nice time of night. My husband and I enjoy sitting together and watching a movie or just talking. Generally we’re interrupted several times, but I figure the children haven’t seen Daddy all day and have important things to tell him. This is my favourite time of day. Quietly sitting with my husband, reviewing our days, talking with the children who “interrupt” us, a hot tea made by my husband just the way I like it.

I love my busy, full days. This is the life I dreamed about since I was a little girl. I feel so blessed to be living my dream. God has been good to me.

What’s your favourite time of day?

Jennifer Schonhaar

Jennifer Schonhaar

Jennifer is the happily married wife of a pastor and the somewhat-tired-but-oh-so happy mum to eight beautiful children. She loves to try new healthy recipes, sew, read to her children, garden and play the piano.
Jennifer Schonhaar

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  1. Julie Geoffrion

    When is MY nap time after reading this busy day haha – I’m tired :).
    Jonah’s smile looks like Noah to me for some reason :).
    Did Dad draw an alligator on the tree?
    Great idea! I have a similar idea but it is a tree that I have that sits on the table – forgot to use it last year so we have it for this year LOL.

    • JenSchon

      Jonah fluctuates between looking like Noah and Ezra. 🙂 No, we didn’t get an alligator. Daddy was tired. They love doing this tree. It’s interesting to see what they write every day what they’re thankful for.

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