1. Julie Geoffrion

    Teach me thy way, O Lord,
    teach me thy way…
    I’m learning this old song right now with a new tune that is just gorgeous.
    It reminds me of a “medieval” setting….I’m not sure why – haha – but the words in the song are soooo great 😉

    • JenSchon

      I love that song too. Do the words or music remind you of medieval times? I get a very old-fashioned feeling from this song too, but mine is more Victorianish.

      • Julie Geoffrion

        yeah maybe it is that – I have it on a CD where they changed the tune from what is in the hymnal – I wonder if I could find it so you could hear it….
        Then again – maybe I was reading a medieval novel while listening to it LOL.
        I still can’t read Cherry Ames without thinking of our records of the men’s quartets from growing up LOL

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