A Redemptive Love Story

I have long loved the book of Ruth. As a teenager I memorized it. I had just finished memorizing Romans 6 and was looking for something that was a little more challenging. I don’t know what led me to Ruth, but I’m glad I memorized it.

One thing I have discovered about Scripture memorization is that the Scripture really becomes mine. I find that as I review what I have learned it becomes a form of meditation. It calms me. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I start thinking about verses I have memorized, and it helps me relax.

I’ve also found verses I’ve memorized coming to mind just when I need them. For example, I met my husband on a Thursday night at his church. Ten days later he came to our house for supper and by the end of the evening we were engaged. The next day I was thinking about how my life had changed so completely in such a short amount of time, and I thought, “What have I done? I don’t even know this guy really.” Immediately my mind was flooded with the verse, “Then said she, Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall: for the man will not be in rest, until he have finished the thing this day.” Ruth 3:18. Right away I was at peace. God had answered my worries with a verse that really applied to me. Hugo had finished the job of finding a wife in one day. If I hadn’t memorized Ruth, I wouldn’t have had this verse come to mind. I’m not saying God couldn’t have given me peace in some other way, but I was so glad to have this verse.

I’ve said all this as an introduction to say that in the days and weeks to come I’d like to bring a series of posts on the book of Ruth. I’ve taught this book a couple of times as a Bible college course and in our church’s ladies group. I’m hoping it will bless you, and I want to remind myself of all the reasons why I love this story.

Healthy Simplicity - A Redemptive Love Story

‘Ruth in the Fields’, Merle Hugues, 1876

What is your favourite book or portion of the Bible?

Jennifer Schonhaar

Jennifer Schonhaar

Jennifer is the happily married wife of a pastor and the somewhat-tired-but-oh-so happy mum to eight beautiful children. She loves to try new healthy recipes, sew, read to her children, garden and play the piano.
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  1. Julie Geoffrion

    It IS a gorgeous story.
    Scripture memory is soooo important. Pastor gave us Sunday a book for memorizing so we have started with the kids to memorize some scripture together. They also have between 2 and 4 verses to learn for school each week (depending on their grade).
    I have started memorizing Psalm 119 and I’m at about verse 13 haha but slow and steady wins the race and it WILL be in my brain a long time as I say them EVERY DAY! 🙂
    Looking forward to the series!

    • JenSchon

      This year the children and I are working on Hebrews 11 together. I’m helping Micah to learn it too. It’s about one verse a week so I think he should be able to.

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