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Our third week of school finished! It’s hard to believe we’ve had three weeks already. Fridays are our most relaxed day – a sweet and pleasant way to end our school week. Some subjects like history and science don’t need to be done every day, and I try to make sure we don’t have to do them on Fridays.

Basically on Fridays we do math and grammar and catch up on anything that we fell behind in. Then I spend time with each child figuring out where they are in each subject and planning out their work for next week. I love this routine. It leaves my Saturdays and Sundays free of school and doesn’t leave me scrambling Monday morning to figure out what we need to be doing. Plus, I love spending a few moments focused on each child.

Honey – another sweet in my life – We buy about thirty-five pounds at a time. My normal routine was just to fell up a glass jar I had several times a week as we used the honey up. You’ll notice I said “had“. The jar broke so I’ve come up with something different. Now I use my canning jars and fell them until I’ve used up all the honey in the bucket. So much nicer to have the jars on my pantry shelf rather than stumbling around a big bucket in the middle of my kitchen. I’ve done this twice now and wish I had thought of it sooner. Aren’t they pretty?

Healthy Simplicity - Sweet Things

I’ve mentioned a few times about a pre-school curriculum I’m using with my little sweetie three-year-old this year. It’s called God’s Little Explorer. There are four different components to it.

  1. A Bible time where you read and Bible story and sing songs and perhaps start a craft based on that week’s theme
  2. A theme activity – something to do with the general topic for that week
  3. A “school” time – learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours, etc.
  4. A life skill – learning chores, manners or how to help others
  5. There are also suggestions for extra activities and books you can use to go with the theme. (I know I said four and this is five – I guess I don’t know how to count yet. ~smile)

So far, we LOVE this programme. It was worth every penny we spent on it. It’s not expensive at all. We don’t do everything exactly as laid out, but I love having a starting point. If you’re looking for something for your preschooler I highly recommend this programme. So far we’ve learned “x”, “g” and “a”.

This week our life skill was learning how to button buttons. I’ve been meaning to make a “button snake” for a long time, and this was the push I needed. He has absolutely loved practicing buttons this week. You can find how I made the “button snake” here. Isn’t he cute?

Healthy Simplicity - Sweet Things
Healthy Simplicity - Sweet Things

 How do you keep your preschooler occupied during school?

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