• JenSchon

      No problem, Sarah. I’m thrilled to find a healthy alternative for a fun snack. I have plans for using this in a healthy rice krispies treat for Ethan.

  1. Joy Daggett

    Amy saw this one and said, “Wow!! Aunt Jen is COOL!” So you were right about the cool mom thing. 🙂

    • JenSchon

      Well, how awesome is it to make your own marshmallows. Tell Amy I’d love to make them with her if she could come over. 😉

  2. Julie Geoffrion

    Best blog yet – so many pics of the cutest little helper!
    I need to try those after I buy a thermometer and gelatin (where do I buy that?) because I love marshmallows and maybe I COULD adapt my fudge recipe 🙂

    • JenSchon

      I knew you’d like my helper. I get my gelatin from the grocery story – should be near the jello.

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