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Another busy week. Busy is good. We’re about 80% caught up now on all the schoolwork we fell behind on while the children were sick. Eva-Joy has almost finished her writing challenge of 50,000 words for the month of November. Noah came up with a new military vehicle Lego design which he posted about and then promptly did upgrades on it. We’ve all enjoyed getting back out to church as well after about six weeks of missed services.

So here again are some things I enjoyed reading/doing this week.

First of all, is a post written by a father of twelve about things people say to him about the number of children he has. Honestly, I was trying to read this out loud to my oldest son, and I was laughing so hard I just couldn’t go on. He read it over my shoulder. I could relate to pretty much everything he said. You have to read this and be prepared to laugh.

The Top 10 Things People Say to a Father of Twelve

I’m studying essential oils more, using them more, buying them more. I found this article very informative

So this week we had a birthday. My baby girl turned nine. We sure wouldn’t mind another girl in the family. Elisabeth and I decided to make her a surprise cake. Basically you make a layer cake, hollow it out and fill it with candy. From the outside it looks like a normal cake so you’re in for a surprise when you cut into it. It was super easy and fun to make.
I found this article interesting. I’d like to get more natural with my hair care, and there are a lot of ideas here.
We’ve been getting ready to make gifts. This year all the older children are going to work together to make “quiet books” for the two youngest. We’ve taken a lot of ideas and templates from this site. A quiet book can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. I’m sure there’s a toddler in your life who would appreciate one.
Did you read anything inspiring this week? I’d love to read it too.

Jennifer Schonhaar

Jennifer Schonhaar

Jennifer is the happily married wife of a pastor and the somewhat-tired-but-oh-so happy mum to eight beautiful children. She loves to try new healthy recipes, sew, read to her children, garden and play the piano.
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  1. Thank you for featuring Jaime’s article; The Top 10 Things People Say To A Father of Twelve!

    He did an exceptional piece and I too was laughing out loud but also got misty-eyed when he talked about his love for his wife and children.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    • JenSchon

      We have eight children so I could really relate to this article. I tell people who ask why so many I’m living my dream.

  2. You enjoyed that silly article about even sillier people?!?


    …then you might like to know a little secret.

    I’ll be guest posting on The Deliberate Mom again this next month, on the 16th. The title will be…


    Did you hear that? GOTTA GO!!

    • JenSchon

      I’ll be sure to read it. It was nice to know that we’re not the only family getting odd looks and stranger comments for daring to have more than two children.

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