1. Julie Geoffrion

    You’ll have to tell me how you did the magnet – that is pretty.
    I have never thought to put two buttons in the hair elastics – will be trying that!
    And the quilting idea – love that!
    Not that I quilt yet but I will be soon as I now have my Norman Rockwell plates on display in living area (forgot to take a pic) and so I want to get my wall hangings of the four rights quilted (not that I’ll use buttons for those haha).

    • JenSchon

      The magnet is so easy but maybe I’ll do a photo tutorial. 😉
      I love Norman Rockwell. My bathroom on the main floor is full of his pictures. You’ll have to send me pictures of what you do.

  2. Buttons are very versatile to be sure.

    …but you know what’s almost as versatile as buttons?


    They go with ANY nationality of human, they calm and sooth Vulcans, Cardassians (and they don’t even USE buttons)…Akritirian’s, Bajorans, Berellians…just about anyone BUT a Klingon.

    Then again, Klingons don’t use buttons either.

    Good news is, I use buttons and there are a LOT of people who are grateful I do too (smirk).
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    • I don’t mind you pinning that picture.
      I did a vest for one of my sisters once that had various gold buttons all over the front. It took forever to sew them on, but it was so pretty.

    • No problem with the pin.
      I once made a vest for one of my sisters that had the front covered in various gold buttons. It took a long time to sew them all on but was worth it.

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