• JenSchon

      I’m glad you like it. I was pretty pleased when I realized what a great little table it was for my little guy to play legos on.

  1. Julie Geoffrion

    So the question I have is the week that they have say the kitchen do they do it all? dishes, sweeping, mopping, etc?
    Do your kids do bathrooms yet? What age do you start them on that? I keep debating switching Em and Gucci around with bathrooms and kitchen. Right now Gucci does kitchen and Em does the bathroom 🙂
    Tim does vacuuming of the hard floors and Em does the carpets. Stef helps pick up the rooms and empties garbages. We rarely have a lot out of place because they are required to pick up a lot (thanks to their dad’s training lol) and so that helps 😉

    • JenSchon

      Anymore questions? Maybe I’ll do a post explaining our whole system. We’ve had it for years now, and I find it simple. I really think the key is finding what works for YOUR family. Every family like every person is so unique. It sounds like you have a pretty good system in place.

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