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This has been a slow school week. On Monday my two oldest daughters went to Montreal on a day trip with their dad. My youngest daughter was sick a couple of days this week. So, altogether it felt like a quiet school week. It’s funny how just taking one or two children out of the equation makes things seemingly so much quieter.

This was an interesting article about the possibility that pregnancy can help your body repair itself later in life.

Decades After Birth, Fetal Cells Remain in Mother’s Body to Repair Injuries

I found this article to just be a good reminder of things we need to be aware of as homemakers. These are easily fixable issues but if left too long can really detract from our work of making a home.

Reasons We Fail as Homemakers

This post was interesting to read since we have a writer in our home. Bottom line – I think we need to encourage our children in whatever talents God has blessed them with.

Raising a Writer

This was just interesting to me since I’m so in favour of breastfeeding. God certainly designed breastfeeding to be amazing for the mother and baby.

7 Cool facts about breastfeeding

So last week  said I was going to make a woven rug following the directions from directions I had pinned. By Wednesday I still hadn’t started it except for setting aside the sheets I wanted to use. I told myself though that I needed to get this done since I had set it up publicly as a goal. ☺

So over two afternoons I did it! I’m happy with how the actual weaving turned out. I’m not so happy with the ends. For a first time though I think it went well. Next time I will make the rug wider, but I will have to find a longer piece of cardboard for the frame.

Healthy Simplicity - Woven Rug

Healthy Simplicity - Woven Rug

Healthy Simplicity - Woven Rug

This afternoon I watched “The Taming of the Shrew” with my oldest daughter. I love Katherina’s speech at the end. This video doesn’t do it justice because it misses the part where she talks about what our husband’s do for us.

And for my Pinterest goal this week – I want to try making this jam…Easy Strawberry Chia Seed Jam. This would work well for my diet so I’m hoping it turns out.

Did you read anything good on the internet this week?

Jennifer Schonhaar

Jennifer Schonhaar

Jennifer is the happily married wife of a pastor and the somewhat-tired-but-oh-so happy mum to eight beautiful children. She loves to try new healthy recipes, sew, read to her children, garden and play the piano.
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  1. Julie Geoffrion

    Good job on the rug – was it easy to figure out?
    I didn’t read the article on writing but I agree with you on encouraging kids’ talents.
    Stef is writing a story/book right now on her tablet (I need to figure out how to get it to where I can print it) and I told her that Em should illustrate books she writes :). She is 7, but I think it is great she is wanting to write 🙂

    • JenSchon

      It wasn’t too hard to figure out. There are some ways I’d like to tweak it. I see it as my beginner/learner rug.
      Sounds like Stef and Em could have winning combination.

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