1. Julie Geoffrion

    I love that t-shirt – I need to try to make one for the girls, too.
    The shirring skirt – love it – could you do it with cotton? I didn’t realize it would be that easy – now I want to try it – Em would be the perfect fit for a shirring skirt like that!
    The article on ladies helping each other was great. We DO need to help each other. I have gone a couple of times now to help a lady in Shawnee who is 75 and lives in a camper – small one – with her husband and dog. She fell and has not fully recovered from it. Anyway, I go to “sit” with her while her husband has app’ts but I end up cleaning for her because she can’t do that anymore. Amazing what a vacuum and changing of sheets do for her!
    I really like the rag wreath – seems simple, too 🙂
    Those sibs are adorable and their bow ties aren’t too shabby either :). I need to get the instructions done as they are as easy as pie to make (esp since I switched to using elastic to put them on)

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