1. Joy

    The girls and I all agree that the dolphin clip with the blue stones is the prettiest although they probably could easily have spent a couple hundred dollars on all the clips they liked! lol…they’re all gorgeous

  2. Amber

    Wow! I love these! If I have to chose one it would be the “Prominent Dragonfly” clip. Thanks for introducing us to these, Jen. Ellie really likes them and she doesn’t have anything like these right now.

  3. Julie Geoffrion

    They are all gorgeous and I SHOULD figure out how to buy the other products, too – Em would love so many of these 🙂

  4. …but I want to add that it is hard to decide on one of the three most unique ones: the one with the fan, the ruby bouguet and the colours on parade. The dusky plum one is nice too. I think I would choose the ruby bouguet.

  5. Rowena

    They are all beautiful, it’s very hard to choose. But I really like the Flexi Clips. I love the Medium Blossom Medley one. It looks so sweet.

  6. Karen

    It is hard to decide because they are all pretty. The prettiest are the flexi clips, like the roman stone, Celtic knots and Daisy. Perfect for this coming summer!

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