1. Julie Geoffrion

    Good job, Micah!
    Boy you lose electricity for 7 hours and you miss so much LOL :).
    Busy weekend – but always busy so I’m not complaining ;).

    AHHHH – messy houses 🙂 You all know what this house is like lol – I DO have a perfectionist for a husband and yet I’m sitting here thinking about the fact that the house IS clean (not cluttered free yet – that happens about 4:30) because the children and I did chores this morning for about 30 min! That’s it – every day doing chores and the house stays picked up. While I agree with the guy in the article that we don’t want to be neat freaks and have bad memories for our children – we have found a picked up and cleaned house means a joyful, non chaotic house that stays cleaner, too – it truly does 😉 So I go through and declutter every few days and Pierre delegates and helps the kids clean walls and baseboards every few weeks. My older kids have told me that they like the clean house and so far no one has died from over work LOL – of course, many hands make the work light, too 🙂

    Yep – socialization is not needed when children are involved in a church. That is where we find their best socialization. I think if WE bring them to church and get them involved with talking to all ages and stations in life – they learn so much more then just sticking with peers. We are so careful who our kids socialize with and I prefer to not let them out of my sight. We learned through a difficult lesson that just cause people homeschool or attend church does not make them wise friends. Thankfully, nothing evil happened. We will not make the same mistake again though. Our kids stay with us :). I love that we attend church together and serve together because that means we can keep tabs on them. We answer for our kids…we have to make wise choices, eh!

    Good article on submission – it isn’t a lopsided deal when you get married but I’d rather submit to what my hubby asks (if not going against God’s Word) even if I don’t agree with him then take the lead…MUCH harder job in my opinion to be the head of the household so as much as I can stand with him and support him on things – the easier his job becomes. Sweeter gets the journey is a beautiful song about Christianity but I take it to mean marriage, too :). We have become so together and so one on all things that we are more in love and in step now then when we were first married :). That helps to sweetly submit, too, right? 🙂

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