1. Julie Geoffrion

    I can so understand this article about giving the husband the leftovers. So hard when they are babies and young and you have to be on duty almost full-time. I always made it a priority to put the kiddos in bed by 7:30 and then close our door and have our time together. Of course, there are/were always knocks on the door and babies needing to be fed again, and then again and of course again but we always made early bed for kids a priority. This still serves us well today as we STILL go into our room around 7:30 and although the 9 and 7 year old can stay up ’til 8 they know to come for a quick good night and go to bed on their own. We see them throughout the whole day and so they know it is mommy/daddy time at night 😉 It works 🙂
    I agree homemaking is VERY fulfilling – I also believe that no college degree is needed to raise your children OR teach them. If your heart is with the Lord you can do all of it. I do not regret not finishing college and in fact we are training our girls to be keepers at home thereby saving thousands of dollars on college tuition. They will thank us, I’m sure :). I am STILL learning on a daily basis how much learning I’m doing while teaching :).
    Good articles – thanks for sharing!

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