1. Julie Geoffrion

    You probably know what I do 😉 – can you guess LOL – I’m always singing!
    I was not so much down as frustrated on the way to church yesterday as I was on hold (using Pierre’s cell) with our cell phone carrier – never fun thing to do haha. I must have sounded frustrated because Tim asked, “Mom are you having a good day.”
    I said, “Yes, Tim I am having a good day.” Then, I paused and thought (and said to him), “because every day is a good day when you are a Christian!” It really hit Pierre and I and started a discussion on the way to church about our blessings.
    Pierre told the kids a couple of mornings ago in our family devotions that they should stop and count their blessings when they are frustrated or upset and they will realize how small the problem really is.
    All encouraging things to think about.
    You can do this – your health – God is in control :), sis and just keep working on it. I’m having allergy issues or something this week so I could say the same thing to myself :).
    Love ya – and love that loopy curl on Jonah!

    • JenSchon

      I like to play the piano to make me feel better, but two little boys then think what I really want is to play duets. So, yeah, that doesn’t work. 🙂

  2. I sometimes have those days when I am ‘in a funk’ but I also have days where I really have to work hard not to get sucked into depression. You are right on spot with advising us to do something for others! Getting outside of myself and doing something that blesses another often helps me even more than it helps them. Have tendencies toward depression myself, I’ve been grateful to have a family that depends on me, sometimes that’s what gets me up and going.

    I’m going to make these frogs with my kids this week, thank you!
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    • JenSchon

      I know what you mean about being thankful for your family to get yourself going. Some days my children are the only reason I can keep moving forward.

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