1. Joy Daggett

    What a wonderful relationship to have with your doctor. It is so hard to just find friends with whom we can relate so well, but to have the person who cares for your family’s health be so caring and supportive, that’s truly a blessing. God gives us so many ways and means to care for ourselves, our bodies and our children. As parents, God gives our children to us and to no one else and we are the ones who will answer to Him one day for what we’ve done. So we all do the best we can with love and lots of prayer.

    • JenSchon

      It has been a huge blessing and taken a lot of the worry away when the children are sick.

  2. Rowena

    Great post on health, Mrs. Schonhaar. I enjoyed reading this. Our family go to a Naturopath too. It is a blessing to have them. We also have a family doctor, a nice christian man, who has been supportive of our informed choice of not vaccinating. I thank the Lord for our midwives & chiropractor, they too, like our Naturopath have been nothing but a blessing to our family.

    • JenSchon

      Problems with health can be scary. It’s great when you have a good relationship with your health care practitioner.

  3. Sam Iam

    Great post! I have to agree; the life expectancy of the average North American medical doctor is 56. I have been helped greatly by conventional medical doctors having had three surgeries and several perscriptions for antibiotics. (If you break a leg they are great for that too.) There are also medical doctors who left the box a LONG…TIME…AGO and have great advice. By the way where on earth did we get the idea that a woman needs a doctor when she is pregnant?! Is she sick?!
    I find the account of your son being cured with diet and olive oil very interesting. There is NO MONEY for big Pharma in olive oil so the docs will continue to perscribe cortisone cream @$75.15 a tube.
    However, the most damage seems to be done when the 50+ crowd takes their doctor’s advice. I’m thinking of staten drugs and pills for type 2 diabetes (which can be cured in 3 months with chromium and vanadiam). High blood pressure is a calcium deficency and brain health can be maintained with resveritrol, eggs and a diet low in carbohydrates. Since I’m not a doctor just ignor everything I have just said and Youtube: Dr. Glidden, Dr. Eric Westman (Duke University), and Dr. Jeff Volek.
    Keep on keeping on!

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