1. Julie Geoffrion

    That paper is pretty – a pretty list is inspiring.
    I have always found when we move that I get rid of more both packing and unpacking ;). You’re right – it feels great to purge.
    Have fun planning her grad party. It is amazing how time flies and our kids are getting old enough now to check things off THEIR lists :).
    Jon just told me that he is getting his transcripts from WY to see if he has enough from there and the AF college to get his first degree in college! Where does time go?
    Hold on to that four year old and don’t let him grow up 🙂

    • That paper is from the Creative Memories digital. I don’t know if it’s still available, but I love all my digital papers. I do so much more with them than just scrapbooking.
      I wouldn’t want my children to NEVER grow up, but on the other hand I wish they would stay little just a little longer.

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