1. Julie Geoffrion

    I like the “duct tape crafts” – Em loves duct tape so I’ve saved it to show her.
    I LOVE one pan dishes for breakfast – definitely the pancake one is a keeper!
    I hope our garden goes better next year (Pierre said we will move it to higher ground haha) because I want “zillions of zucchinis” – I love zucchini.
    Another good one dish breakfast! Wonder if my girls that do not like fried eggs would like the breakfast egg dish. Hmmmm
    So every time Stef is in my room and I’m reading your posts, she points out how pretty the hair clip is 😉

    • You should buy her one or two for her birthday. They are really great.
      I like one dish breakfasts too, especially the kind you can make the night before.
      Tell Em to design some duct tape crafts, and I’ll put them up here. 🙂

      • Julie Geoffrion

        K, I’ll do that – and yes I need to buy her some – she is very creative. If you look at the pics I posted this morning (Sept 1st) – you might be able to see the necklace she made with twine and feathers.

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