1. Julie Geoffrion

    Good thoughts on a good song. So important what goes into the minds and hearts of our children. I have been so cautious lately on movies, even, that they want to watch because some even considered “old” and “classics” are horribly wrought with immoral living both sexual and moral conduct. Pierre is VERY cautious with them as well as to what music is playing and what philosophy’s are being taught. Sadly, there aren’t many things they watch but then I look at them and they don’t seem to be “missing out” :).

      • Julie Geoffrion

        Did we? hahaha – I still remember the winning of the 13″ TV at the EX 🙂 we were all enamored and huddled around a 13″ – what would people do nowadays lol

          • Julie Geoffrion

            I think I remember watching some older shows on the TV so maybe we had local channels. I know Dad wouldn’t have had cable or anything….we were from the dark ages LOL

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