1. Julie Geoffrion

    I’ve been chugging along at my reading. I read a bio this past week, “Evidence Not Seen”. Darlene Diebler Rose was one incredible Christian woman. If only I could be half of what she was. This book really impacted me!
    I liked the movie, “Around the World” and so I wonder if the book is better.
    I’m NOT a Hitchcock or a horror fan 😛 He seems like a weird person :P. I can’t even watch some drama without being scared LOL.
    Genevieve is such a reader – she is gobbling up all my books. Right now she is reading “Girl of the Limberlost” and the “Dear Canada” series.
    Tim just can’t get enough of Garfield but I’m done – hahaha. I keep finding free books for Stef’s kindle on animals that I think she is enjoying as we travel.
    I think we have pretty much been disillusioned by the modern library and the garbage in them so I have started them on books from home and plan to buy some biographies for them to read this winter.

    • Hitchcock isn’t all horror. Mostly his movies are mysteries.
      It is hard to find good books at the library, but if we look hard enough we can find them. I just don’t go to the library as often though as I would if there were lots more good books.

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