1. Julie Geoffrion

    Nice to finally see the house – I like having the laundry room right across from our bedroom – same floor – makes a big difference!
    We like having two separate living rooms – we can keep the living room clean and they can play in the family/school room so I get that ;).

  2. Karen

    Nice to see your house, more room, spacious living room and dining room. Having a quiet place for reading and relaxing are very important which I enjoy for now ( but longing for little ones noise too)!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You live in a converted church? Okay, back when we first got married, for 4 years we lived in a small Wisconsin town, and someone bought a vacant church there and turned it into a house, and we used to walk past it and dream of buying it and living there.

    So wow, I find this very exciting that I “know” someone who lives in a house made from a church 😀

    Also, those lamps, with the bulb up top and then one on an adjustable arm? We have those too! I’ve got one in the living room and one in the library (which we mostly call The Lego Room now, lol), and one upstairs by my sewing machine. And also the ones without the adjustable arms, just the top bulb — we’ve got one in each bedroom and one in our living room. I love how durable they are considering they’re ultra-inexpensive.

    • I love that we live in a converted church. I’ve always had a secret wish to do so. Sometimes when I’m playing hymns on the piano I wonder when the last time that hymn was sung in the church. 🙂 Our little boys’ bedroom is in the “balcony” area. One of their walls is just floor to ceiling slats that are open to the dining room below. Kind of cool – I can work at my laptop in the dining room and keep an eye on them.
      I like those lamps too because sometimes you just don’t want as much light or you want light in a specific place, and the lamp can be adjusted.

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