1. Julie Geoffrion

    I’m very happy moving into fall because it is my favorite season. That being said, I can happily move into it here in OK since our fall weather is your summer weather ;).
    Funny you mentioned getting dressed first thing in the morning – I’m the same way. I have my coffee and devotions in my bathrobe but then before I can clean the kitchen or make breakfast, I have to go get dressed. Even on weekends, I’m always about the same routine ;).
    I want to try the pancake muffins – I think the novelty alone will impress the kids.
    Good article on filling your home with things other than technology. I think technology has a place but I try to use it with the kids after they have done school, music practice and chores. They LOVE minecraft. But I’m super glad that music has become a HUGE part of all our lives. Pierre and I are going to be working more and more towards having evenings filed with music practice with him (he has been sooooo busy working evenings, too that we need that to slow down). Tim’s great solo got us thinking that we need to encourage this most of all and any godly music they can have in their heart and lives will help them in their Christian life. We have even had them stop listening to so much of the movies’ music or the music of yesteryear that we all thought was fine. The more Pierre studies the more he sees that they just aren’t godly.
    Have you seen the video on FB about making mini caramel apples? Really cool – I’d like to try it.

    • Elisabeth was just laughing today about all the people who when they hear she’s homeschooled tell her how lucky she is because she can do school in her pyjamas. She was laughing because she said it never happens. 🙂
      Can’t go worng with good music!

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