1. Awwww! I am very touched. (I’m playing “catch up on my blog reading” today, if you can’t tell by the umpteen comments left everywhere.) At first, I was like, “Oh, this post is for Rachel! I wonder who else she knows named Rachel.” And then I was all, “OH! Hah, um, she means… me!” 🙂

    Anyway, yes, I love how the internet brings people together. I’ve made so many cool friends via blogs — friends I would otherwise never have met! Including you and Eva. It’s a wonderful thing!

    The story behind that hymn is very cool! I expect I’ll be humming it the rest of the evening 🙂

    • I’ve done that kind of thing myself on seeing my name unexpectedly. 🙂
      One of the things I love about doing these hymn posts is that I usually humming and thinking about the hymn for the rest of the week.

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