1. One year, my in-laws gave all their kids the same edition of the “Messiah” on CD, and then for many years, at Christmas and Easter my m-i-l would email us which tracks to listen to at that time of the church year. We still pull it out to listen to every Christmas and Easter 🙂

    • That’s awesome. I love listening to the Messiah every year. Although something kind of funny – every time I listen to it I think of Oliver Twist. One year when I was a teenager I read that book while listening to the Messiah. Now the two are forever entwined in my brain.

      • When my son was young and still an only child, sometimes I would let him watch 3 or 4 Veggie Tales “Silly Songs” in a row on YouTube while sitting on my lap, and I’d read a book while he watched them. I still can’t hear the song “Monkey” without thinking of The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie R. King because I read it while that was one of his favorites and he would ask for it over and over.
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        • It’s funny how our minds work that way – certain scents or sounds evoke memories. Hearing Tony Bennett sing makes me think of paper dolls because I cut a bunch out for my sisters while listening to Tony Bennett. 🙂

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