1. I’ve made several bags and purses, either crocheting or knitting the outside and strap and then sewing in a lining. My current laptop bag is one such — I put a foam lining between the outer and inner layers to cushion it, and it works really well. I’m thinking of making a new one, though, as I knitted the outside of that one from chenille yarn and it’s kind of loosely knitted and starting to get loopy and weird. Maybe when I finish crocheting this baby blanket for a friend, I’ll make something new.

    What kind of fabric is the backpack purse made from? It’s really cool.

    • It’s fun to have a hobby that’s so useful.
      The backpack purse was made from some kind of satiny fabric. It was very slippery which made the sewing a bit challenging. My favourite part was weaving the ribbon for the top.

      • Aha! I made an “Elsa” costume for Sarah a couple years ago that used a blue fabric that looks like that — sooooooo slippery! I ended up handsewing the whole thing because I couldn’t get it to work with my sewing machine. Tried all kinds of things like waxed paper, a layer of something else with it — nothing worked. Gorgeous fabric, but what a pain!
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        • As my girls grow older I’m slowly learning to sew with slippery fabric, but it certainly isn’t fun. It is nice though to break away from cottons, corduroys, fleece and flannel. I use lots of pins and go very slowly from cutting the pattern to sewing the seams.

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