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  1. Julie Geoffrion

    We are jumping back into THM even pre-delivery. You DO feel healthier on this diet and being off it tested that theory in the worst way :P. Emilie has even gotten all into it and is finding recipes to try all the time. I told her to buy a donut baking pan at Walmart this week but she couldn’t find one 🙁 There ARE some THM donut recipes I’d like to try.

    We had 3 weeks off of school with Pierre having 2 1/2 weeks off and I don’t think I’ll do quite that long again – too long to be out of routine :P. We thrive on routine here and the kids DO like it. I’m not letting them take time even for the baby as they are all old enough to do school on their own – just hoping I can keep up with the marking :P.

    I did a bunch of sewing projects and craft projects over the holidays which was nice but I’m slowing down now.

    Em tried coconut oil in her hair but found it hard to get out. I’m not sure she’ll do it again hahaha.

    We have found the easiest bread to make (four loaves at a time) – called Artisan Bread (it isn’t THM but the kids can eat it). I have it pinned and Genevieve can make it on her own now.

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