• I think this is our third time through it. It’s great when we get something that everyone in the family enjoys. Well, the little ones don’t “get” it, but they’re happy enough to sit with us and watch. Although my four year old understands enough to know that Mrs. Clennam is a little “off”. He goes around quoting – “Do no kiss me. Only touch my hand.” Which is absolutely hilarious because he loves to give and receive kisses. He’s properly scared of Rigaud so there’s enough to keep his interest.
      I think I actually enjoy this miniseries better than the book.

      • I’ve only seen it once, actually, just with my dad! 🙂 I really want to rewatch it with a bunch of my siblings now! That’s so cute about your four-year-old (would that be Ethan?) quoting it. I taught my five-year-old sister to say “Sparkler, be Quiet” and SHE can’t stop. 🙂
        I thought the book was wayyy too long. 😛
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        • Ethan has always been the sibling to absorb Eva-Joy’s current obsession. We have videos of him humming “Look Down” from Les Mis when he was about 18 months old – so cute. I forgot about the line with Sparkler. I’m sure that’s one that the little ones will pick up on. Aren’t all of Dickens books too long?! 🙂 With an overstacked pile of books to read I generally end up skimming parts of his books these days when I read them.

  1. Julie Geoffrion

    I haven’t figured out WHERE this last week went 😛 – we were in the midst of Week 18 which means we are now halfway through school!! YEAH!!
    Kids are all doing well – made almost all A’s so this momma is happy – now to move on to the second half of the year.
    I think I “pinned” that THM article as Em and I revamp our recipes to get us all back on track…..working through that list now.
    I have sewed and sewed but finally have stopped – ’til tomorrow right? LOL

      • Last year, my husband suddenly decided that he would help the kids made a birthday present for me, so they painted this little glass candleholder together and surprised me with it. I was shocked! My first birthday present from my kids 🙂 For Christmas, he helped them decorate a coffee mug with Christmas trees for me. We’ve been making him birthday and Christmas presents for years, and I’ve tried not to be all, “Why don’t you help the kids get or make me a present ever?” so this was totally his idea, which made it that much sweeter. He’s not crafty AT ALL, so knowing he took the time to figure out something they could make is so extra special.

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