1. I was intimidated by baking bread for about the first 30 years of my life, simply because my mom never baked bread from scratch. Then one of my sisters-in-law baked bread when we were at her house, and I was like, “Wait, if Monica can bake bread, I can bake bread.” Happily, my best friend loves to bake bread, so she sent me some recipes she knew I could handle. I don’t do bread every week, but I do try to bake bread once a month. My favorite recipe by far is this one, which makes 3 round loaves and lasts the 5 of us for 2 meals.

    You’re making me hungry for fresh bread, and I think I have time to make the roll recipe from my Hobbit cookbook for supper, so I think I’ll quit catching up on blog posts and get that started :-9

    • Nothing beats fresh bread, and it really is much easier than most people imagine.
      That recipe looks good and easy. I pinned it. I have a recipe for a 30-minute roll. It’s perfect for when you decide at the last minute that you want rolls for supper.

      • Mostly for me I just needed lots of kneading practice so I’d get to where I knew what it should feel like.

        That crusty rustic bread recipe is amazing. Takes me about 4 hours from start to finish, and requires only a few minutes of kneading, which I love.

        The recipe for scones from my Hobbit cookbook (which are more like dense biscuits than what we think of as scones today) takes 45 minutes, including baking, so that’s my go-to for last-minute supper bread. It doesn’t make very many, but that’s okay because they’re not very good as leftovers.

        • I think the kneading is a biggie – knowing what feels right.
          Eva-Joy makes a mean biscuit. Honestly, you feel like worshipping the ground she walks on when she makes them. 🙂 There are never leftovers even when she doubles the batch which obviously we have to do.

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