1. A computerized sewing machine? Will wonders never cease?

    Great post about what kids actually need to learn. It’s so true! We focus primarily on Bible studying, math, science, history, and the language arts (be it learning letters for Tootie, phonics for Sarah, and language/spelling/comprehension for Sam). Other stuff gets slipped in as we have time — they practice piano most days, and I try to do some kind of fun arts-and-crafts thing once a week. I take them to an art class once a month, and they all take swimming lessons once a week during the winter. Social studies, geography, etc kind of slide in when we have lighter days on the core subjects, and once in a while Sam does a book report.
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    • It sounds like you’ve got it down pretty well. Being in a reading house they’ll learn so much on their own just from books. 🙂 I’ve relaxed quite a bit in our schooling. I finally realized it was okay if they didn’t do every exercise in every subject. If they know the material, that’s the most important. I don’t want them to hate school because of the work. I want them to enjoy learning.

      • YES! I still sometimes obsess over thinking I need to get them to do Every Single Page in their textbooks, I think because my mom generally didn’t let us skip stuff. This year, though, I’ve realized our arithmetic book has waaaaaay more practice and review than Sam needs, so I’m skipping every 3rd or 4th page. If he’s having trouble grasping a concept, then I make him do all the pages, but usually we can just move on. Especially since he hates, loathes, and despises having to write anything by hand, heh. The enjoyment is key!
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          • Well, I have an edge in that my mom homeschooled my brother and myself K-12, so I can remember things she did, and also ask her for advice. And she remembers that my brother also hated writing and she did a lot of exercises orally with him, and that eventually she did let us not do Every Single Page in workbooks.
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          • Yes, I think sometimes about the advantage it will be to my children when they have children to have a background in homeschooling. I do things orally too. I find especially for boys that it can work a lot better.

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