1. I had never heard of a weighted blanket, but that makes so much sense. I have a throw blanket by my bed that I sometimes throw on just over my hips and back because the extra weight convinces my back it’s warm without covering the rest of me and making me too hot. I wonder if a weighted blanket might work even better.

    I’m sorry to hear about all the family sickness, though. We’ve been blessed with a fairly healthy winter thus far, though of course spring isn’t really here yet. I hope everyone is much better soon!
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    • We’re all doing much better although now my parents have caught the flu from us. Nice that they live near us so we can help take care of them.
      I love the weight of a blanket but not always the heat so weighted blankets sound great.

      • Ugh, I hate how it always just runs right through a household once it gets a hold. A couple of years ago, we battled Strep Throat for months — my girls both got it right before Easter, gave it to me, they got it again, and then I got it again. We finally got rid of it after more than a month of antibiotics and quarantines and so on… and two months later, my mom came for a weekend visit and didn’t realize she had Strep, she thought it was just a cold. She gave it to my son, and I got it from him, he caught it back, and then gave it back to me. I wanted to just burn our house to the ground. I hope this is the end of the flu for all of you!
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