1. Oh my goodness, I love a bunch of these! Shane, obviously, and I have never yet read a non-delightful Nero Wolfe mystery. (Rex Stout did write a few about other characters that lack the same joy and charm as the Nero Wolfe mysteries.) “Cheeky” is a perfect word to describe Archie. He’s such a scamp. He makes me laugh aloud 🙂

    I love the All-of-a-Kind-Family books! Maybe I’ll read one aloud to my kids soon.

    And I love Robert McCloskey’s books. I prefer Blueberries for Sal and Make Way for Ducklings, but One Morning in Maine is fun too. I love his junior fiction books about Homer Price best.

    I love these posts of yours 🙂
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    • I knew you’d like this list. 🙂 Your children would enjoy the All-of-a-Kind books. I remember that it was a set that my dad read to my sisters and I.
      I grew up on Homer Price – love those books. Have you ever read Lentil?
      I’m glad you like these posts – we like sharing. 🙂

      • Yup, I’ve read Lentil too, which may have contributed to my love of lemons :-9

        A homeschooling friend of mine just asked me if I would consider compiling a list of books I recommend for different reading levels. I’m both daunted by and excited about this idea! I’m thinking I’ll break it down into ages, like 6-10, 11-14, and 15+. Because I love sharing too! So anyway, look for those to pop up soonish… and maybe they’ll inspire you to share something similar too?
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          • That’s a great place. 🙂 What I was doing was categorizing the books we were checking out from the library. It was actually a great plan because it pushed me to borrow more and to expand and not just always get our old standbys.

          • That’s a good idea! I don’t have a lot of trouble getting new books for the girls, but Sam does tend to want to get the same books over and over, and he digs in his heels over trying new ones all too often. (And sometimes he forgets how good a book he once read is. I finished reading A Cricket in Times Square aloud and said next I would start Half Magic by Edward Eager. He pitched fits, and I put off starting it for over a week. Finally started it today, and I read the first 3 chapters and had to stop because I was hoarse, and then he begged and begged me to read more, so I read chapter 4 during dessert after supper. The girls are loving it too, but he keeps saying, “I forgot how good this book is! It’s so funny!” Hee.)
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          • I was like that – just inhaling anything that came along.
            Now my daughter is recommending books to me, and I will admit to resisting sometimes. Recently I started reading a book that she recommended months ago and loving it. I can hardly put it down. 🙂

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