1. Hi Jennifer, you have a great blog and some fun suggestions for activities to do with our children. Thank you for sharing the 15 Homemaking Tasks You Can Do in 15 Minutes post with your friends. All the best.

  2. I love doing gift baskets or gift bags with some kind of theme! I tend to do them mostly for Christmas, like I’ll give a couple a “date night” basket with a DVD I think they’ll like, some microwave popcorn, hot chocolate mix (homemade if I have time), and some kind of baked goodies. I LOVE those candles — I’m going to have to try that. So pretty!
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    • I like that basket idea. I’m always so worried though that what I think might be a good movie the recipient won’t. 😛
      Do try the candles. Your children will love doing it. I did find I needed to wear an oven mitt because the blow dryer was so hot.

      • Thanks for the tip! My mom’s birthday is next month, and I know she would LOVE to get these from my kids.

        Yes, the movie selection can be tough. I tend to only do those for people I know really well, and whose movie collections I have at least a vague idea of, so I’m not getting them something they probably already have. Gift receipts are always helpful if I’m not sure. Sometimes I give people a movie I just want them to see and don’t think they’d watch on their own — I do that for my brother a lot. “You need to see this, and if it’s on your shelf, maybe you will.” Other times, I just find out a person hasn’t seen something and I tuck that away for future reference. I gave Mr. Mom to some friends who have little kids and like comedies, but who had never heard of it when I quoted it to them. Our pastor and his family have a tradition of watching westerns together while eating chili every winter, and I just so happen to have seen a ton of westerns, so a couple of years ago I gave them a few family-friendly westerns with a chili spice mix and a cornbread mix.

        But yes, the movie gift thing won’t work on just anyone. Ditto with books.

        • That’s a cool family tradition – chili and westerns. Westerns are great when you have a wide age spread in your family. There is something for everyone. Even the little ones enjoy a good cowboy movie.
          I’ve given away a few movies but I’m super careful. I guess I’d rather give baked goods. 🙂 They always win.

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