1. Love it!

    I play the piano too infrequently — I need to get back in the habit of practicing it several times a week like I did for a while, when my parents first gave us their old piano (which was once my grandma’s!) I’m teaching my two oldest to play the piano, and they do practice several times a week, so there’s that.

    But we sing all the time. So much singing. All three of my kids love to sing, and will break into song at random moments, probably because my husband and I both sing a lot while we’re making food or cleaning, whatever. I’ve been teaching my kids hymns during school time over the past couple years, so they know at least the first verse to a bunch of those, and will sometimes all sing them together with no prompting from me, just because they feel like praising the Lord in song.

    And I listen to a CD most mornings while I make breakfast because music helps me kind of gear up for the day ahead, get my thoughts organized and energy level up. It’s usually a movie soundtrack or Bobby Darin, but I swap out all sorts of different stuff too, whatever I’m in the mood for that morning. And sometimes I put on a CD of classical music while we’re doing our schoolwork.

    Music is definitely a big part of our lives!
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    • Sounds like the home I grew up in – piano lessons, clarinet in band, lots of musicals, falling asleep listening to Strauss waltzes pounding through our apartment (I don’t know what the neighbours thought 🙂 ), singing random songs from musicals in the middle of a conversation, my dad singing a song in the middle of preaching. I think you get the picture.
      Your children will never regret growing up with music.

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