1. I’m not a great gardener either, but I do enjoy it. We have a few small spaces of dirt outside our front door that we put as many plants into as we can! Love to get the kids involved too . . . of course they appreciate anything associated with dirt! And watching what looks dead come to life and then get to eat it – so rewarding.

    • Since we’ve moved we don’t have any good place for planting except the very centre of the backyard. I’m trying to figure out what I could grow in containers close to the house.

  2. Both Cowboy and I enjoy growing things, and now that we own a house, we don’t have to confine that love to house plants and the occasional hanging basket of flowers. He particularly enjoys trying to grow fruit-bearing plants, and so we’ve got a peach tree that we’re hoping will actually give us peaches this year, a grape vine that flourished last year and gave us many tasty Concord grapes, and a forlorn blueberry bush. We’ve moved the bush into a planter because we’ve learned our soil here doesn’t do well for blueberries, but that the climate is great for them, so they do better in containers. We’ll see if that’s true.

    I’ve also got a raised bed garden, small but tidy — we usually do peas and tomatoes, and then experiment with other things. I really recommend the book The Square-Foot Garden by Mel Bartholomew if you want to do gardening in containers or a small raised bed.

    And I do a container garden of flowers every year on our deck. Plus having various perennials and trees and so on. I love gardening!
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    • I need you for a neighbour to help with my gardening. 🙂 I’d love to get a couple of blueberry bushes this year. I know I need to get them very soon. They will have to be in a container, and I have the spot picked out already. At our old house we had planted a couple of apple trees. They each celebrated the birth of a baby. Anyway, the first one we planted finally had five apples one year. That winter the rabbits chewed the bark around the tree and killed it. Then they did the same to the younger tree as well. I was so sad.
      I’ve done garden beds before based on “The Square-Foot Garden”. I enjoy that method. Very organized which makes it feel easier.

      • Those pesky bunnies! We have them here too — in fact, I see one under our yew trees right now. Cute, but they, the deer, and the groundhog mean we have to fence off our garden and be picky about what flowers and shrubs we plant. But they let me imagine I don’t live in a city, so it’s a trade-off, I guess.

        • I didn’t realize that I should have wrapped our trees’ trunks for the winter. 🙁
          It is a trade-off. I have pictures of a deer standing just on the other side of our fence, and some other pictures of ducks that flew into our back yard!

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