1. OH my goodness, your husband is 6’7″??? I now have to mentally recalibrate my ideas of all your heights based on your family picture.

    I’m eager to find out how the bean bag chair goes, because I used to adore those as a kid, and always dreamed of having one, but my parents were convinced it would split and make a huge mess, so I didn’t get to have one. I think my kids would like one, but… my parents made me paranoid.

    You’ve inspired me — I’m working on a summer to-do list blog post…
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    • Yes, my husband is tall, and my children are following in his footsteps so to speak. So far four of them are taller than me!
      I think if you use piping with the seams it makes them stronger. You know you could seal the pellets in plastic bags and then put them in the fabric bean bag. That way in case there was a split the mess would be contained.
      I look forward to reading your summer list.

        • I’m actually about 5’4″ and Eva is 5’8″. 🙂 My ten-year-old daughter already wears shoes bigger than mine so obviously she’s going to be tall too. It’s a weird feeling when your children are taller than you.

          • Sigh. I dreamed of being 5’8″ all my teen years… because I’d read that’s how tall Vic Morrow was, and Sgt. Saunders was my biggest hero. So congrats to Eva! (If she’s also got Type O blood, though, I may have to growl at her, as that’s Saunders’ blood type according to one ep, and mine is B+, alas.)

            I’m pretty sure all my kids will be taller than me. Lucky them.
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          • I’ll have to let her know that. I’m afraid Eva introduced me to Combat! and Saunders with the wrong episodes because I just don’t get why everyone likes him so much. Sorry. I know that’s practically setting myself up to be shot, but it’s just the way it is.

          • Oh, I wouldn’t shoot you. Look sad and bewildered at you, yes. But not shoot you. I have some good friends who infinitely prefer Hanley or Caje or Kirby. My mom is a Kirby fan through and through. But for me, from my very first C! ep, it’s been Saunders all the way. There are 6 characters I love more dearly than any others ever, and he tops that list.

            What episodes did she show you? I’m very curious now. I have my suspicions as to what one of them may have been, since if turned you off from Saunders specifically.
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          • I haven’t seen many. I don’t know the title of the first one, but it had a baby in it which is why she picked it, I think. I came away not liking Saunders and loving Caje. 🙂

  2. Rachel, the episodes I’ve shown Mom are “One More For The Road”, “Mail Call”, “The Glory Among Men”, “Billy The Kid”, “Far From The Brave”, “Hills Are For Heroes”, “The First Day”, “The Prisoner”, and “The Town That Went Away”…at least, those are all the ones I can remember. And she’s seen bits and pieces of several other episodes. Anyway, I’ve tried in vain to convince her that Saunders is a great character, but she’s just not buying it. 😛

    (By the way, I’m curious now to learn what my blood type is.)


    • You are awesome to remember everything you’ve shown me! I think you missed “Losers Cry Deal”? Maybe we need to watch the episodes in a marathon, and then maybe I’ll “get” Saunders. 🙂

    • AHA! “One More for the Road” is the one I suspected. I’ve learned never to show that to moms until their love for the show is established, because they’re going to view Saunders as One Big Meanie from then on. Even though, unlike Billy, I think the Sarge was right — that baby was WAY safer in that barn than traipsing around the countryside with a bunch of soldiers. And they were way safer without it too. They should have gone back to their own lines, reported the baby, and let those nuns go rescue it. And in the meantime, the Germans might have found it, and the locket that shows its dad was a German, and rescued it themselves.

      But to me as a mother, him abandoning that baby is heartless and cruel, and only because I know he’s not One Big Meanie do I not get mad at him for it.

      What you need to do is marathon some of the eps where Saunders is at his most wonderful, selfless, kind, and caring. I suggest “The Walking Wounded,” “Just for the Record,” “Off Limits,” “A Gift of Hope,” “The Long Way Home,” and then “The Little Carousel” to seal the deal.
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      • In retrospect, OMFTR probably wasn’t the best introductory episode. 😉 Oh, and I have shown Mom “Off Limits”. Just remembered that. We don’t watch C! together often, but you’ve given me some good suggestions for other eps I could show her. 🙂

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        • It IS a good introductory episode in some cases — got my s-i-l hooked on the show, but she was a college kid, not a mom. And she spent a great deal of time ogling Brockmeyer (who is, admittedly, at his most lunchable in that ep).

          I quote Saunders from “Off Limits” a lot. “There’s not enough time. There’s just never enough time.” Mmmmmmmm, Vic had the most delicious accent.
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