1. I didn’t finish everything I planned, but here’s my winter bucket list.

    In response to your comment on my spring bucket list:
    I LOVE the idea of a summer sewing list! That’s a great thing to do when it’s hot outside!

    Thanks for “talking back” at Harvest Lane Cottage. Do you know that your comments come through to my email as a “no reply blogger”? If you’d like to get direct responses to your comments more often, you might like to know how to change that. I wrote about it in this blog post.


    If you’re like me, you don’t have time to go back and check on other blogs to see if you’ve gotten a response to your comment. I sometimes can take time to track down commenters, but I’m usually short on time.

    Harvest Lane Cottage
    …doing what I can with what I’ve got where I am
    on a short shoestring budget!
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  2. I need to get back to making a seasonal to-do list. I did so spectacularly on a couple last year, then never posted one for the winter. Feels a little late for a spring one, but maybe I’ll toss off a short one anyway. Or just get a head start on the summer!

    Your husband’s scarf is gorgeous. Wow. I love that soft grey color. Congrats on getting a goodly number of projects accomplished!
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      • There are days where, at breakfast, I’ll make myself go get a piece of paper and pen and just list out the stuff I’ve got to do because otherwise I spend WAY too much mental and emotional energy trying to remember it all. Also, one of my Sunday school kids gave me a little homemade dry-erase board for Christmas, and ever since I’ve been writing out the next day’s activities on it as the kids get ready for bed. Sam finds this really helpful to him so he knows what he can expect on any given day. Usually it just has stuff like Do School, Fold Laundry, Clean Downstairs Bathroom, but I also try to put any special activities like Pancakes for Breakfast or Sam Helps Make Supper on there too. Keeps me on track, helps them know what’s ahead, and Sarah has learned to read the days of the week from it too!
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        • Yes, saving mental energy is a big reason why I make lists. I’ve got enough going on in my head without adding a list to it. 🙂
          I love your idea for the children. My big ones pretty much know what they need to do for the day, but I have been thinking about getting an erasable board that I can write the day’s menu on. I’m a little tired of explaining it multiple times. 🙂

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